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May 20, 2020

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Evan Schultz

“There’s No Such Thing as an Affordable Wedding Photographer”

Sometimes these thoughts pop into my head and I just have to share them! So let’s do it! As i’ve been scrolling through social media and various Facebook groups, this statement comes up A LOT, “I’m looking for an affordable wedding photographer in my area that will not break the bank as we are on a budget for our wedding” and rightfully so! Every bride wants to have a photographer that is in their budget and that will do quality work; BUT, notice my rephrase; “in your budget”, rather than “affordable”. We’ll get into this in a second. Through this article, I’m here to break this mindset and change perspectives! So, let’s go ahead and make this statement so we can get on with it, “there’s no such things as an affordable wedding photographer.”

How Do Photographers Come Up with their Prices?

(1) We, as photographers, do not work to charge what we think is affordable; rather, we charge what we think the quality of our work, effort to make your client experience memorable, and our experience as a photographer is worth. (2) Photographers have a lot of expenses and invest a lot of time behind the scenes. This may look like purchasing quality equipment that runs anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 per item. (3) To make sure we, as photographers, create the quality content our client’s desire, we must invest in education to learn from other photographers who may be more experienced or have great ideas to better our business. By doing this, we become smarter, learn how to better our workflow so our clients can get the quality portraits in a quick and efficient manner, and learn how to create the content that draws our clients in.

Overall, our prices look the way they do because we know that’s how much our photography and services are worth. We don’t stand on our feet for 10-12 hours during a wedding day, edit and cull through images for 6-7 hours straight, and invest in expensive equipment and education because we hate our careers, we love everything about this process because it accomplishes our one goal, to serve you and provide you with an amazing client experience and priceless heirlooms that will last forever!

How Do I Know who MY Perfect Photographer is?

If you don’t take anything away from this blog, READ THIS, “an affordable photographer does not exist. They just do not fit your budget.” Now, stay with me here! This may sound harsh, but let me start by saying, there is nothing wrong with this! Every wedding has a budget. Now, this budget could be $100,000 or $5,000. Either way, it’s a budget. Let’s take finding a home for example. You would never go to a realtor and say, “we are looking for a home that’s not going to break the bank.” That information does nothing for your realtor. He or she is going to want to know your budget and everything you’re looking for in a home. What does your perfect house look like? The same goes for finding your perfect wedding photographer. What is your budget and what does your perfect photographer look like? So, to find a photographer that is in your budget rather than affordable, consider these questions:

  1. What is your overall budget for the whole wedding?
  2. How important is wedding photography to you?
  3. What are you looking for in a wedding photographer (editing style, commonalities, package inclusion, connection with your photographer, communication)?
  4. How much of your overall budget are you willing to spend on your perfect wedding photographer?

How Do I Find my Perfect Photographer Within my Budget ?

Here’s the thing, you should never have trouble finding a wedding photographer. By posting your vision and your answer to all of the questions above, your wedding photographer will come to you. A photographers number one way to reach our clients is social media. So why can’t it to be your number one way to reach your ideal photographer? Your social media post and mission statement can look like this:

“Hi all! My Fiancé and I are so excited to get married! I am looking for a wedding photographer that is at or around (your budget) for our wedding date (00/00/0000). We are looking for a photographer that is light and airy, provides 8 hours of coverage, a second photographer, and an engagement session. Please let me know if you are available, and fit within our vision. I would love to chat more.”

Rather than this:

“Hi all! We are looking for an AFFORDABLE photographer that will not break the bank. My fiancé and I are on a budget and would like a quality yet affordable photographer.”

Doesn’t that first statement just read beautifully? We as photographers LOVE this statement. By doing this, you no longer have to reach out to a million different photographers to inquire about their exact price to fit your definition of affordable. By being more specific and stating your budget, you now have a list of photographers that you know will work in your budget. Your job now is so much easier and fun! You can now search through photographers websites and find the photographer you feel you can most connect with, you love their pictures, and you can ultimately envision them capturing one of the best days of your life! Remember, these photographs are not just to capture your special day but they will last forever. They will become heirlooms that your great grandchildren will treasure. You can never put a price on your wedding portraits, but you can find your perfect photographer to capture your love story that is in your budget!

With so much love and Blessings,

Evan Lane Photography

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